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The Romance Makers

Charles Marion Russell

The Romance Makers - Charles Marion Russell -

Title:The Romance Makers
Painted by:Charles Marion Russell
Dimensions:35.43 inch wide x 23.62 inch high

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My Daughter gave her mother and I a print of this great painting in 1980 while we were in Colorado and we framed it for our new western style Saloon which we opened in October 1980. We named the club "The Silver Spur Saloon" to match the decor of the old West. It still hangs in our Living Room today, joined by two other smaller prints of "Whose Meat" & "The Cinch Ring". There is no question that Charles Marion Russell was the most prolific artist of the West. He never had a bad painting!!
The Romance Makers
Posted by Leonard A. Huntington on 21.October 2009, 13:51

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